The CamerAir fleet consists of three different aircraft types, enabling us to use precisely the right tool. Common throughout the fleet are:


This is the ideal application for medium level (50 to 200 feet; 15 to 60 metres) assignments, carrying either a still (Digital SLR) or video camera. It can operate in reasonably confined spaces, but due to its weight and CamerAir’s conservative approach to risk management, cannot operate within 30m of crowds or passers by, and needs a 30m wide approach, landing and take off corridor.

Fixed wing Aircraft

The fixed wing aircraft operates at higher level (100 – 400 feet, 30 to 120 metres) and is used for large area, landscape and backdrop photographs. It is hand launched and does not need a smooth surface to fly from, so can be operated from any open field area 10m by 50m or greater.


The newest addition to the Camerair fleet, expected to be operational by the end of 2007, the Quadcopter represents brand new technology. It is a lightweight, hovering platform lifted by 4 small rotors, so that it can operate in very confined spaces. It is used for low level (20 to 100 feet, 6 to 30 metres) high precision and urban assignments. It can operate from a take off and landing space as small as 10 feet (3 metres) square and within 20 metres of crowds and passers by.